Here’s to a New Year

Dear Pope Francis,

One of the things I love about Advent is that it’s a time of new beginnings. Yes, its primary importance is that it is a time of waiting and hoping, but it is also the beginning of a new liturgical year. And there’s something so refreshing about a new beginning. While I enjoy the regular New Year celebrations, I find an added layer of depth in the beginning of a new liturgical year.

While the season of Advent is a time of waiting and preparing, there is something so apt in that we are waiting and preparing for the beginning of something new, the earthly life of Jesus, the Messiah. It is the introduction of something new into the world of the mundane, average and ordinary. It is the injection of something totally different, that humanity simply wasn’t expecting, and as time progressed, continued to surprise.

It’s safe to say that I didn’t expect what happened to me over the last liturgical year – the hurt, the pruning, my trip, and now the new growth. It was a massive injection of spiritual growth formula that I wasn’t anticipating and didn’t feel at all equipped to handle when it first came. With the beginning of this liturgical year, it feels easier to close the book of last year, and move forward. It’s easier to share my story with new friends, and to hear their stories with an open heart.

I’m not great at making New Year’s resolutions, but I am good at hoping, even when it’s bleak and dark. So I will hope. I will hope for continued growth, for opportunities, and for courage and strength to follow the path wherever it may lead.

Checking my map


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