Fall Favourites

Dear Pope Francis,

About a month ago, I expressed my excitement for the coming month. Well August is officially over. Later this afternoon I will be going to the airport and fly back to Ontario. While my month at home was awesome, I really do love the fall. In no particular order here’s what I’m looking forward to:

  1. Cooler weather – I love the warm summer weather, but I love each season in its turn. Now that September is here, I’ll be able to break out the jeans, cardigans, and scarves.
  2. The school community – my school is known for its right knot community, and I often joke that it’s my slice of home in the big city, because when I’m there I can say ‘hi’ to all the people I don’t know (without getting funny looks in return). September brings a bog batch of new students that I can’t wait to meet. It also means the return of many of my school friends, most of whom o haven’t seen since April.
  3. Routine – being home for the last month meant I didn’t really have much of a schedule. What schedule I did have went out the window when my parents were on vacation last week (not that I’m complaining). Meetings this week and classes starting next week mean that I get my routine back (along with posting regularly again). What I find most exciting about this fall is that I’ve been taking time to really discern some routines and habits I want to cultivate.
  4. New seasons of my favourite shows – this is probably the most frivolous item on the list, but I’m psyched nonetheless. I binge-watched Once Upon a Time in June and July and I’ve been anxiously waiting to fins out what happens next. Then of course there’s my old faithful favourite, The Big Bang Theory (although I should probably finish the last season first…)
  5. Fall colours – I love all the colours that explode during the fall. I also love crunching through the leaves after they’ve fallen. There is something so satisfying about the sound they make underfoot

Are you as excited for fall as I am? What are you looking forward to?

Heading for the airport,


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