Exciting news

Hey Pope Francis,

Thanks for the prayers! I heard back from the thing I didn’t want to get specific about and I’ve got some news to share.

I’ll be writing a few news articles a month for Youth Speak News at The Catholic Register starting this fall. It’s just volunteer, but I’m super pumped about it because it’s an opportunity to get started in Catholic media and meet some of the people who are already doing it here in Toronto.

The other thing I’m really excited about, I don’t have a link for yet. But I submitted a review of Crimes Against My Brother by David Adams Richards to The Catholic Review of Books and the last I heard it was going in to the next issue. I was hoping to post a picture of me grinning and pinning the review on the fridge at my parents like I did with the first article I wrote for The Aquinian, but it doesn’t seem to be out yet and I haven’t seen it on their website. I’ll share the link once I can, I’m really proud of the review I wrote. I know bragging isn’t ladylike, but it’s one of those things … I just want to share it because it feels like a really big step.

I haven’t felt like doing any journalistic writing in so long. I really thought it wasn’t something I was going to do, but I’m starting to wonder if it was just a huge bruise on my soul after all the nonsense with the students’ union fourth year. The last few weeks I’ve been thinking in terms of stories again. Asking questions without having to force it.

I’m still feeling really pulled towards some kind of ministry and thinking about high school chaplaincy as a possibility, and I’m so excited to be teaching catechism to the grade twos at my church this fall. But the part of me that loves writing and mixing sound and sharing stories is coming back. It’s hard, like waking up after a very deep sleep. The muscles are stiff, but it feels good to stretch them again.

Anyways. Mum and my sisters are waiting in the car for me, we’re heading up to the cottage for the week. More when I get back.



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