Faith, Hope and Big Hairy Audacious Goals

Dear Pope Francis,

I have been really on edge for the few weeks or so. I am still looking for a summer job, and so far having very little luck. I was thinking about how stressed I was feeling this morning, because I have to wait for the different places I applied to review my application and (hopefully) call me for an interview. The waiting was the root of my anxiety. This reminded me of a scene in one of my favourite movies as a teenager, A Cinderella Story (2004) staring Hilary Duff.A Cinderella Story

The movie follows the basic Cinderella plot line, but is set in modern day California and the Cinderella character is named Sam. The specific scene that came to mind was when Sam supposed to be working on one of her step-sister’s essays, and the step-sister comes by to see how it’s going. When Sam said that she’s working on it, the step-sister replies “it makes me really nervous to have to wait for it…” Sam, who is on edge because she was just about to tell her online Prince Charming who she really is, snaps back: “imagine if you had to write it yourself!” This makes the step-sister pause for a second.

Lately, I’ve been finding myself falling into the character of the step-sister, at least in some areas of my life. She is anxious because she doesn’t want to do the work, but still wants to pass in her homework. She also doesn’t want to wait while Sam writes the essay for her. This girl just can’t win, she’s either going to wait and be able to pass it in, or she’s going do it herself. In terms of doing the work to apply for jobs, I have done it, the applications are in, but I am still impatient for a phone call.

In the last few years, society has become increasingly focused having ‘it all’: a big house, nice car, high paying job, freedom to travel. What I find very interesting is that I don’t very often hear about the people talk about how they got to the point of having it all. For instance, did they breeze through high school and university, and network with all the right people? (Did they have a whip-smart step-sister write their essays for them, perhaps?) Maybe they did, but I’m willing to bet that at least some people had to work very hard for many years, to get to the point where they are today. hard workThey logged long hours in the library studying and writing papers, or maybe they practiced until their throat hurt or their fingers bled. Regardless, they all set their, big hairy audacious goal (BHAG), and then worked audaciously hard to get there.

Meredith and I recently did some planning for LTP, and set our own BHAG. We are both committed to LTP, and our BHAG includes ideas about how to continue grow, both in terms of reaching people, what we offer on the blog, and improving our skills. Our plans are not going to materialize magically right in front of us. It will take consistency and dedication. However, more importantly, I think it will take faith and hope. Like the step sister who hopes that Sam will get the essay done quickly, and faith that she’ll get a passing grade, BHAGs require that we have faith that it will work out and hope that we can actually achieve what we have set out to do. For my job hunt, I have faith in my work experience and skills, and I hope that that employers will see that I can contribute meaningfully to their organization. For LTP, Meredith and I have to have faith that we are doing what God has called us to, and hope that in our dedication we will accomplish our BHAG.

Resting on faith and hope (and consistently working hard),


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