Long Distance Friendships

Dear Pope Francis,

This letter is going up very late in the day, probably the latest I’ve ever posted and it’s very short. IMG_20140525_150403I promise it’s for a good reason though! For the first time since we have become friends, Meredith and I live in the same province, and she has come to visit for a few days. We spent today exploring the city for Doors Open Toronto. I think the best part of the day was that I had the opportunity to introduce some friends to each other because we all wanted to go exploring. We made a day of it, packing a picnic lunch and wandering wherever we pleased.

Spending this time with Meredith got me thinking about how exactly we managed to establish and maintain a friendship almost entirely long distance for four years. I still don’t really know the answer to that yet, something just clicked and it worked. What I did realize, is how important this friendship has been in my life. Without it, I probably wouldn’t be publishing twice a week on any blog, let alone Letters to the Pope. Some of my memories would also be radically different. My first trip to NYC just wouldn’t have been the same without Meredith’s company.

I have a few friends like this; we have developed and/or maintained friendships over a significant distance, including different continents. When we are together, we talk and laugh as though we have never been apart. When we are apart, we call or Skype as often as we possibly can. In the meantime, we text or write letters or send care packages to each other. Although I don’t see these friends often, I value their friendship, and a have a wall dedicated to the hanging up their postcards, letters and pictures.

Having these friendships helped to maintain some amount of stability in my life when I moved to Toronto, because I had people to talk to while I was developing new friendships in Toronto. They also help me to stay grounded in reality, even when I am stressed out, confused or upset. They are also very important people to celebrate with when good things happen.

I am very grateful for the role that these friend’s play in my life. As much as being away from them is difficult sometimes, it makes seeing them again all the sweeter.

Feeling grateful for my friends,


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