Spending time with my sister

Dear Pope Francis,

What a crazy week. I had my last shift at the inn Monday, watched some dear friends graduate from university on Tuesday, and finally got started packing for the move on Wednesday. After the March for Life yesterday I heard some fabulous news from another friend and then went to meet my sister at the airport. She’s still asleep, but we’re due to pick up the U-Haul in an hour and a half so I’m trying to get the posts for today and Monday done while I have a chance.

Relationships with family, but especially with sisters is what I wanted to write about today. When Kathleen and I were at dinner yesterday night I was struck by a few things, not the least of which was how tall my “little” sister has gotten. Mom wasn’t kidding when she said they were all on track to be taller than I am. Which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just strange realizing I need to start saying younger sisters instead of little sisters with all of them for accuracy. My baby brother is over 6’ tall and has towered over me since we were teenagers.

It was really good to listen to Kathleen talk over supper about high school (it seems to have changed a lot since I was there) and hear about her plans for early completion and photography school next year. She’s gotten a lot better at using an indoor voice which was a pleasant surprise. Thankfully, she is still naturally loud enough I could easily hear her over the din of the restaurant.

We pretty much just covered what she’s been up to academically and at work last night, but it made me glad I asked Mom and Dad to fly her down to keep me company on the road instead of coming down themselves. I’ll be doing all the driving myself, but Kathleen is the one I’ve had the hardest time staying in touch with since moving out six years ago. She’s still Katie, but she seems like there’s a lot more to her than when we were kids. I think there must be less of a knowledge and maturity gap between 17 and 24 than between 11 and 18.

I think it’ll be really good for us to have this weekend together catching up, and I hope also getting to know each other a lot better.

DSC04712It can be easy to get caught up in the things that make a sister annoying to share space with and difficult to work with. When most of your time together is spent being frustrated over those things they can become more of what you think of when you think of your sister than the things that really matter like what she’s interested in and her desires and goals for her life.

Describing my sister to friends shouldn’t be a laundry list of things she does or doesn’t do that annoy me. It should be things like how brilliant and driven she is, her superb book recommendations, and how she’s doing in soccer this year.

Trying to see my sister for her gifts more than her gaffs,


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