Seeing the signs

Dear Pope Francis,

My friend Fr. Owen used to talk about how a lot of what people think of as coincidence is really signs from God we need to recognize. I’ve always been a little cautious when it comes to seeing signs. I don’t think it’s healthy to be seeing them absolutely everywhere, but I also think Fr. Owen is right to say we need to recognize the signs in the coincidences of life.Reconciliation

In my last post, I talked about how I was thinking about going to confession. Since then, I’ve been having a really hard time getting into the meditative state I like to be in when I pray. The sacrament of reconciliation is offered on Saturdays before the evening mass at my church. I ended up working a stupid long evening shift and I was a little disappointed to have missed my chance to go. And then today, I almost didn’t make it to mass because I lost track of the time. I went, but I was distracted the whole time.

The only phrase I can think of to really describe the feeling is spiritual warfare. It’s like as soon as I realized I needed the sacrament of reconciliation and made the decision to go, something started stepping up efforts to keep my path to God blocked. Even writing this now is a struggle. I know this experience is important to share, and I know what I’m trying to say, but it’s like my hands don’t want to type. My head hurts from focusing on the letters appearing on the screen, and the fear, which was so paralyzing before I asked God to take it away, is pushing on me.

According to the bulletin, my diocese is holding an evening of reconciliation at my parish this Wednesday night at 7pm. I am going to be there.

I wonder though, does the Devil make signs too, and is it a good thing or a bad thing when we feel like we can recognize them?

Standing in the need of prayer,


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4 thoughts on “Seeing the signs

  1. Keen

    This reminds me of a comic I once read that showed God discussing how he produces signs and miracles. I wish I could find it for you because my recollection of it doesn’t really do it justice, but the upshot of it was that he intentionally delivered all signs and miracles within the margins of statistical chance, because it made his followers rely on faith to believe they weren’t just coincidental.

  2. Sharon

    Isn’t it better to be able to recognize danger ( in whatever form) than to be blind to it? Another thought, perhaps had you gone at that exact time, you would have stepped in front of a bus or something? So many things happen from one seemingly insignificant event. Are you being tested? Maybe. And maybe you are passing with flying colors. Continuing to persevere through fear shows great strength. You’ve got this.

  3. I can personally relate to your post

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